Udo and Bonné hot on the South Coast

By Allan Jones

Udo and Bonné hot on the South Coast

Tee and Sandwedges held our inaugural South Coast Individual Competition on the Selborne and Umdoni golf courses and, as per usual, what a wonderful time we had. We unfortunately had a couple of mishaps. Cecso Quartrocecere had a shoulder op a month before our trip and was not able to play but kept Toni Quartrocecere and I company while we waited for the field to complete their golf.

South Coast 016

Reg Coetzee had problems with his knees and unfortunately could not make golf on the last day. Reg is celebrating his 80th birthday at the end of September and still hits the ball like a man half his age. You can see that Reg was a great player and it was fantastic to see his love for this wonderful game of golf.

Our weather over the three days was fantastic, only a little wind and decidedly warmer than Johannesburg.  One of the striking things about the south coast of KZN is the fantastic value for money.

Where can you order a great breakfast of egg, bacon, tomato and toast for R25.00 or a curry buffet for R85.00? We definitely suggest that you book a trip to the KZN south coast and enjoy the wonderful golf and facilities that are in abundance.

We will be repeating our golf tournament to the South Coast in July next year so keep a look out for the poster advertising the event. This should be from around February 2016.

The results are:


Betterball Stableford

1st:  Mike Espach and Magda Espach      45 points oco
2nd:  Atti Smith and Rose Smith          45 points
3rd:  Udo Poppe and Tina Poppe          43 points


Individual Stableford


1st:  Udo Poppe                         34 points
2nd:  Mike Espach                       27 points   oco
3rd:  Atti Smith                         27 points


1st:  Bonne Bamber                     37 points
2nd:  Jeni Looi                         34 points oco

Tuesday Individual Stableford


1st:    Udo Poppe                      35 points
2nd:    Atti Smith                      31 points
3rd:    Mike Espach                     27 Points


1st:     Rita Habenicht                 39 points
2nd:    Tina Poppe                    36 points


Over all Winners

Men:  Udo Poppe

Women:  Bonné Bamber
Winner of Putting Competition:

Jeni Looi
Nearest the Pin


Selborne Golf Course

4th Hole:  Rose Smith
6th Hole:  Udo Poppe
11th Hole:  Mike Espach
13th Hole:  Jeni Looi



Umdoni Golf Club

3rd Hole:  Magda Espach
7th Hole:  Magda Espach
12th Hole:  Mike Espach
16th Hole:  Bonné Bamber



Selborne Golf Course

4th Hole:  Gisela Lornie
6th Hole:  Rose Smith
11th Hole:  Rose Smith
13th Hole:  Magda Espach