Introducing the Pocket Bunker


Of late I, Michael, find that my Pro V1’s are being exposed to what golfers may refer to as “gum treatment” out of the bunkers, and being a member of The Els Club at Copperleaf, where there are 124 of these minefields, this is working out to be an expensive “purple patch”! Perhaps it is my technique, but having been deft out of the sand for so many years, it is unlikely that my technique could have rotted too extensively. Maybe it is confidence or a lack thereof.

Perhaps some practice from the sandy grave could remedy these blues? Drills that involve pretending that the ball is a fried egg, with the yolk being the ball and having to pass the
club under the egg-white ….

Or how about drawing two parallel lines an inch apart in the sand and swinging the club to strike the sand at the back line ….

No! This is not funny anymore. Time to find something new! In my 33 years of playing the game of golf, I have been exposed to just about every conceivable training aid, golf novelty, gizmo, gadget and thingamajiggy to cure any golfing weakness, but never have I seen anything that can help my desperate situation.

There is no training aid for bunker shots!!!


Some say, he is such a great bunker player, that he is planning for the design of a championship golf course which only he can conquer … in the Sahara Desert!

I call him, John Dickson!

Well Mike, up until recently you would remain doomed in your plight and we’d have to spend countless hours in the sand to cure your problem.

Thankfully though there is a new training aid that can quickly get you back to your magical form out of the bunkers. It’s called the Pocket Bunker.

The Pocket Bunker is a great new training aid invented and developed right here in South Africa. It allows you to practice bunkers off grass (or most other surfaces) and when hitting from a bunker gives you a great visual simulation as to how a bunker shot should be executed.

Pocket bunker is portable, durable and fun to use. Not only can you practice bunker shots but it’s also great for lob shots. The legs on the Pocket Bunker allow you to visually have
something to swing at and sweep so you’ll be able to build confidence as you accelerate your club through the phases of a bunker shot.

You can go to to buy yours, otherwise it’ll be available soon at your favourite golf retailer.

Welcome back Sandy!

pocket-bunker-01pocket-bunker-02by John Dickson and Michael Scholz