Clean Up for Better Golf


by John Dickson

Playing golf over the last 30 or so years I have noticed that many amateurs do not pay much attention to their clubs and golf ball from a CLEAN point of view. We see the professionals with their caddies always with a towel on hand. The professional marks his ball on the green and then tosses it to the caddie to wipe it clean. The clubs are wiped clean after every shot. So why the fuss?

Well it makes a big difference. I remember hearing of Bernhard Langer changing to a new golf ball up to 12 times in a round just due to small imperfections on the golf ball from a scuff or bunker shot. I also have heard that if you had a new ball and took the dimples off then the ball would lose a significant amount of distance when hit correctly. The professionals also make a big deal when conditions are poor and they cannot play lift, clean and place. We have all heard the expression Mud Ball when a golfer hits a shot and it does not seem to fly that true and well as expected.

The term Flier also comes in and this is when a golfer hits from the rough and grass gets caught between the ball and the clubface and then alters the spin and flight for the shot. The grooves of the club are almost nullified and the ball will react differently to a shot hit from the fairway.

So when a golf ball has mud on it or is just a little dirty then the characteristics have changed. If you put two grams of a substance onto the side of a ball and putted it the ball would not travel as straight as it could. We know that golf is a game of inches so playing with a CLEAN golf ball can and does save shots.

When it comes to golf clubs the same applies. We always hear of the new or latest wedges having these amazing grooves that help create more spin. Well only if you have a clean and dry clubface and grass or dirt does not compromise contact.

So in conclusion playing with clean golf balls and golf clubs will add to playing better golf. So get a good towel and maybe a groove cleaner you can click onto your bag and happy golfing.


John Dickson
Head Teaching Professional at
Copperleaf Golf Estate
Contact: 082 990 7201

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