Get a Grip on your Game


The grip is more important than we think. The grip connects us to the most important part of the club (that being the clubhead). Seeing that the clubhead is what makes contact with the ball and is where the ball is going to go, this has to be as good as possible.

We have all heard of a textbook grip but I have yet come across a textbook hand. Everybody has different size hands and may use different size grips.  So I try and find a functional grip that suits you.

The functional grip is literally as is states allowing you to functionally move the clubhead in any direction. The golf swing has to facilitate lateral and vertical motion with the swing so your grip must allow these movements to take place freely and without much effort.

How to get a functional grip.

As illustrated in the pictures: Firstly the placement in the left hand (for right handed player): the grip should run between the fingers and the palm.

Then the fingers wrap closed and then one places the thumb just right of the centre of the shaft. You then test the position by seeing if you can lift the clubhead up and down on a vertical plane. (Picture club parallel to the ground and then one in vertical position)

This procedure will also apply to the right hand. Once you have a feeling of being able to move the clubhead both vertically and horizontally then place both hands together and your final test is to see whether you can move the club head in any direction. This will ensure a functional grip.



John Dickson
Head Teaching Professional at Copperleaf Golf Estate
Contact: 082 990 7201