‘Tis the Season to be Golfing

By Michael Scholz – The 40-Year-Old Rookie


Bounce-Hit-HRProcrastinate, procrastinate, professional golfer. So you were expecting to read an article on how I have transformed my formerly warped body into that of a chiselled male swimwear model … wrong!

That will be next month as I let the effects of my superb exercise routine take their full course and chop at least eight shots of my “golf fitness” handicap (currently nestling at 21). Thanks again to Garth Milne for bringing it to my attention as to how poor my state of golfing health really is!

Instead, along with the first of the spring rains, I thought I’d try and muster up some excitement about golf in general: Yours, mine and that of the best on the planet for the coming months of what I like to call “The Season”.

Firstly, I would like to assure everyone who might have been a little concerned that the industry is losing out on the dreaded battle to mountain biking that the golfing industry is still in a fine, fantastic and formidable state!

How can this be?

How do I know?

What the …..?

Yup!  All good although people aren’t throwing as much money at it, they are still clocking up the rounds and enjoying the game at the clubs that we so enjoy frequenting.

It’s called a recession, but the passion for golf doesn’t just die.

The argument that mountain biking is taking over and that it is cheaper, takes less time and is more enjoyable is … well … rubbish.

Having been an avid mountain biker myself and having spent the tin on the finest equipment, tools and body-hugging (yet very unattractive) outfits, I can speak from experience:

Mountain bikes are far more expensive than golf clubs. The spandex clobber (still unattractive) is heckishly overpriced for such small amounts of material.

The tools to service your own bike (to save money) are violently specific to brand and also require that you drop your credit card with severe caution.

The time taken to get to, compete and complete a race is way in excess of the time required to play a round of golf … and you can’t drink a beer whilst competing.

The social aspect is confined only to the banter before a ride, during a short bottle break whilst waiting for the straggler in the group and after the affair, which is then normally limited due to the heavy breathing, sweaty smell avoidance and stories of how Pete fell whilst bunny-hopping over the termite hill.

Case closed.  Lekker sport, but the novelty wears off and golfers come back to play the game that has centuries of enjoyment at its core.

That’s my little vent done.  Deal with it!

On the professional golfing front, I’ll steer clear of my results based on an average of a round of golf a week and sometimes two … Never three as I can’t seem to make a cut at the moment!

So let’s look at the battle that is brewing with the world’s best:

Rory McIlroy has worked out that he should steer clear of soccer and that missing out the defence of the Open Championship and being renamed the “Champion Golfer of the Year”.  Won’t do that again!

Jordan Spieth is the perfect golfing role-model who has stamped his position as the force to be reckoned with.  Unbelievable year thus far with two majors under the belt and he’s not done yet with amassing trophies.

Jason Day broke the back of potentially being the BGNTHWAM (Best Golfer Never To Have Won A Major) by adding the Wanamaker Trophy (PGA Championship) to his cabinet along with the silverware from The Barclays, Farmers Insurance and Canadian Open events.

The golf world rankings are going to see the jostling of these three names at the top spot for a while and with the Fedex Cup drawing to a climatic close, the number one spot is being eyed by these six eyeballs.

Tiger Woods … Yes, I know … I keep throwing this name around …

Well he is starting to get his groove back!  Posting some great scores, as well as some that deserve to be on the rubbish dump, his new swing is starting to find its mark. Watch that name next season!  Just in case you forgot it … Tiger Woods.  I think he’s going to be a good one.

Now back to the reason for the phrase “The Season”:

With my trick shot shows and MC’ing services, I usually get rather busy between September through December and although the diary was looking rather bleak a few weeks ago, I am about to have my busiest season ever!

That means loads of travel, tons of laughs, smashing loads of trick shots and sharing anecdotes to everyone and anyone who’ll listen.  I love my job!

Oh … and there is the Rugby World Cup to enjoy.

Amongst the many negative predictions and every couch critic claiming their opinion to be gospel, I wish our Springboks “God Speed” and am sure they will do us proud!

Go Bokke!

Many thanks for all the feedback over the past months and I look forward to your emails and feedback, questions and even the odd hate mail.  It keeps me sane!

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