The Tee and Sandwedges Annual Women’s Golf Tournament was once again thoroughly enjoyed by our intrepid group of golfers.  Thank you to all who sent us thank you messages and it is fantastic that a number of you will be returning to Champagne in April, with husbands, for our Mixed Open.

The golfers were, as always, extremely well looked after by Champagne Sports Resort and the Club House provided their normal attentive excellent service.

The heat that the golfers had to contend with this year was oppressive but the ladies were fantastic and the scores were most impressive. The course was enjoyed by all the golfers and considering the drought conditions it was in excellent condition.

We are looking forward to our 2016 event and the posters should be in our February 2016 issue.


Sunday 4 November – Nearest The Pin 4th: Isabel Verwey
7th: Bonnie Bamber
12th: Margie de Kock
16th: Annie Isaacson

Monday 5 November – Nearest The Pin
4th: Lynne Johnson
7th: Tracy Fick
12th: Judy Paterson
16th: Susan Andrew

Tuesday 10 November – Nearest The Pin
4th: Molly Whitaker
7th: Pam Suttle
12th: Allyson Thomas
16th: Sylvia Chvatal

Best Dressed: Syvia Chvatal; Kaye Lyness

Lost Balls (181 – Tuesday): 191 Lynda da Villiers; Pam Suttle; Lynne Garbutt; Isabel Vervey

1st: Clare Pantcheff; Liliian Boyle; Lindsay Jackson; Judy MacKay 96 points
2nd: Lynne Johnson; Lesley Durose; Lynne Garbutt;Isabel Verwey. 92 points.
3rd: Lynda da Villiers; Pam Suttle; Laura Theunissen; Gill Cresswell. 91 points

1. Nikki Christie; Carol Ratcliffe      48 points
2. Sylvia Chvatal; Kaye Lyness      47 points
3. Beryl Barry; Doreen Ensor-Smith     46 points
4. Gisela Lornie; Tina Poppe     46 points c/o
5. Lynne Garbutt; Isabel Verwey     46 points c/o
6. Catherine Hewitt; Wendy Hillson     45 points
7. Allyson Thomas; Tracy Fick     45 points c/o

1. Beryl Barry; Doreen Ensor-Smith; Julia Huntingdon; Brenda Kelly. 96 points
2. Nikki Christie; Carol Ratcliffe; Elna Erwee; Petra Campher. 93 points.
3. Sylvia Chvatal; Kaye Lyness; Barbara Martin; Gwynn Wright. 92 points.