NOMADS Andrew Mentis Foundation


One of the main aims and objectives of the Nomads Golf Club is to help those less fortunate than ourselves. In order to achieve these objectives it was decided in 1968 that each Vice-Captain would be responsible for raising funds during his term of office and such funds would be applied in some tangible form to one or more beneficiaries that the Vice-Captain’s would nominate soon after being voted into office.

Over the past 48 years these annual fundraising endeavours have grown to such an extent, that we are now raising in excess of R2 million each year between our 12 Nomads’ golf clubs for our various beneficiaries.

Barry Bruton, Vice Captain of Gauteng Nomads handing over the keys to the sensory room to Nursing Manager (Matron) Anne Braum from Prim Villa in Primrose.

Each year certain charitable organisations are invited to provide each Vice-Captain and his fundraising committee with a wish list of tangible items they require and would like Nomads to provide. Depending on the amounts raised by each club, Nomads then purchases goods to an agreed value which is/are then handed over to the charities.

We will not hand over any cash and insist on supplying an asset of sorts such as vehicles, buildings, kitchens, beds, computers etc. We will not allow cash to be “lost” in administration or other costs that do not directly benefit the charity.

As a result of the large amounts of money we raise, we have formed a Section 21 Company which ensures our governance and control over the funds raised and it has become paramount to our Board of Directors’ that compliance with all the laws and regulations as required by SARS and the various authorities is maintained.

Cheque presented to San Parks Honorory Ranger.

As we have all the necessary structures in place and have many years’ experience in the raising of funds and distribution of goods to numerous charities, we invite any member of the public or any business to make use of our well oiled machine to channel their donations through our organisation. We are able to offer Section 18A certificates provided the donations meet the legal requirements.

Companies that are looking for a vehicle to distribute their social spend for BBBEE purposes can also make use of our structures and we will ensure that such funds are properly administered. You can even choose the beneficiary and provided that they are a qualifying enterprise in terms of the BBBEE laws, we can obtain the necessary BBBEE audited certificate on your behalf.  In other words Nomads can ensure that your donations or social spend is going to be well directed towards the purchase of assets and not lost in costs or misappropriated.

For any queries or information, please contact Glen Dalton on 082 771 8437.
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