Smith Power Equipment (SPE) is certainly setting the right precedent in the golf cart industry in South Africa with both its Club Car Precedent i2 golf cart and Club Car Villager 4 personnel carrier which have demonstrated countrywide why they are the most popular on golf courses, golf estates, resorts and hotels and just about anywhere where safe, economical and speedy transport is required.

The Precedent i2, probably the most advanced golf cart ever built, has set the standard for style and performance. Powered by the Club Car electronic fuel injection (EFI) engine, arguably the most economical gasoline engine in the market or, if preferred, an electric motor, it offers the quietest, smoothest ride from tee to green.

From its 360° wrap-around bumper to its ergonomic seats the Precedent i2 provides comfort, stability and safety both on the undulating ground on the course and off it.

“The attention to detail is outstanding,” says SPE’s Club Car Stephan Mangold, “with each detail taking the golfer into account from the Monson top, which channels the water away from the passengers to a spacious bagwell and a newly designed interior with more storage space for personal items.”

Club Car Villager 4 personnel carrier
Club Car Villager 4 personnel carrier

With the Villager 4, the most economical personnel carrier in the Club Car range, you can take your customers for a ride for which they will be most grateful! Whether you choose the petrol or electric model with the renowned and innovative Excel™ Electric Drive System, your ride will be fast, smooth and classy.

Some of the more important features of the Villager 4 include impact and UV resistant body panels, a 360° bumper system, specially designed ergonomic seats ensuring the most comfortable ride, and Club Car’s exclusive aluminium chassis that eliminates rust and corrosion significantly extending the vehicle’s life span.

Finding people in the industry in South Africa to sing Club Car’s praises is not difficult. Two of these are the well-known CCJ golf director, Bevan du Plessis who says: “Club Car is one of the foremost brands in this industry….”, and Dave Usendorff, the Els Club Copperleaf Operations Director who says: “the quality of Club Car is unquestionable…”

Both Usendorff and du Plessis said that an important factor in their choosing Club Car was its Visage GPS system, which is better suited to most GPS systems at golfing facilities.

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