Keeping up with the Joneses in April 2013

Tee and Sandwedges April 2013

Tee and Sandwedges Publishers Note April 2013

Having played a variety of sports, I reckon golf has an advantage over other games. As a third league squash player I really wouldn’t enjoy playing against a first or fifth league player as the game would be completely one-sided. In golf, on the other hand, with my 15 handicap I can enjoy playing against a scratch to a 36 handicapper as the handicap system levels the playing field.

Having played a variety of golf courses lately it would seem that there is no direction for the “Coffin Dodger”. One club only allows seniors advantage on six holes, while another club had prizes for seniors as a separate event. Direction please!! One bit of good news is that 19 and higher handicaps can now only take three-over on holes they double stroke on.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to play the re-greened San Lameer Country Club and with course guru Pter Malkovich now handling the maintenance San Lameer is sure to again become one of the “Gems” on the South Coast of KZN.

Tee and Sandwedges is in for a busy April/May period sponsoring events at Kyalami, Houghton and Wanderers, Randpark and Bryanston (all men’s butterball events) while away events to Graceland and our combined Senior Event are really filling up quickly.

My Highlight – I recently played in an AM-AM at the Sanlam SA Match Play Championship on the tough Docklands course at Country Club Johannesburg. I shot 86 while my +2 handicap partner shot 87! When i asked my partner when last shot 87 he unhappily said – “When i was 9 years old”


My Funny – The Scots who gave us golf and called it a sport also invented bagpipes and called it music.

See you on the tee.
Allan Jones