Keeping up with the Joneses in August 2013

Tee and Sandwedges August 2013

Tee and Sandwedges Publishers Note August 2013

I really believed that Lee Westwood would win The Open! The Brits are having an incredible run, England winning cricket tests against Australia, the Lions beating the Wallabies, Andy Murray at Wimbledon, a Kenyan/SA/Brit winning the Tour de France and now another winner – baby George.

With the South Africans performing poorly it was great to see one of the nice guys on the US Tour, Phil Mickelson, showing the Brits how to play Links Golf. 15 on the stimp metre it must have been a nightmare where +8 made the cut.


Back in wintry South Africa all the talk seems to be on slow play and the Handicapping Vagaries. On handicapping, being a player off the “Forward Tees” and having played on four courses around the country the first course cut my handicap by three shots, the second by two shots where the rating differed by two, at the third club the rating was the same for all tees and the fourth club stated “Play off your handicap” from the tee where you are handicapped? The course rating system seems to be the bugbear – rating the more than 400 courses in this country. Are the ratings changed seasonally? High handicappers and Seniors seem to be most affected with some clubs cutting handicaps while others insist that one plays off three quarter handicaps in Better Ball and Alliance events. I look forward to reader comments on the above.

Over the last two weeks Lynn and I entertained a group of golfers at the Sabi River Sun where a great time was had both on and off the course. One of the golfers managed to “wing” a crocodile and the next day hit a baby hippo with his sliced drive on the 17th hole. 106 balls were lost over three days of golf but pains were healed at the 19th.

We attended an interesting conference at The Legends Golf and Safari Resort hosted by SA Tourism and Limpopo Tourism Departments. Following the conference we played the Legends golf course before moving on to Euphoria Golf Estate which after some “liquidity” problems is back at its best and I can certainly recommend a visit to this beautiful estate.

I look forward to seeing you at Graceland and Champagne Sports Resort – ladies the November event is nearly full!

See you on the Tee
Allan Jones