Keeping up with the Joneses in July 2013

Tee and Sandwedges July 2013

Tee and Sandwedges Publishers Note July 2013

I’m sure thousands of golf watchers tuned in to watch Charl battle it out in the final round of the US Open and what a disappointing evening we all experienced. After a birdie on the first Schwartzel dropped shot after shot and finished 14th while at least Ernie played great golf to finish tied fourth. It would seem the Merion course, after lots of comments on how short and easy it would be, had the last laugh with scores in the 80’s being a regular occurrence.

Well done to Justin Rose who certainly kept his game together while the golfing “cream” lost theirs.

Not too many years ago golf handicaps were set by a handicap committee and this seemed to work pretty well. Recently handicapping was taken over by the SAGA and Handicap SA and this is where some problems arose. At one stage 19 handicappers plus had to take three overs on all 18 holes which pushed out handicaps and certainly depressed this large sector of the market.

This was then rescinded but now we have clubs who state that there is no such thing as a senior tee but “forward” tees which may be played by anyone but one would have to adjust one’s score to the new standard rating. It would seem, I think, that some holes will have 5 tees – championship, club, forward, special senior and ladies tees? I can imagine some seniors getting lost and checking scores will become a nightmare.

I have just received a four-page email explaining the above and it seems anyone can play off the forward tees and all you do is adjust your points scored against the new standard rating/ Simple?

We will always get players who manipulate their handicaps to win at any costs no matter what system is in place. I really would like readers’ comments on the handicapping system.

July and off to balmy Sabi. We should have a great time. Look out for our Sandton Rotary Fundraising Golf Day which will be taking place in October. The posters will be in our August issue and we suggest you book your tee time early to ensure you get a fourball.

See you on the Tee
Allan Jones