Keeping up with the Joneses in October 2013

Tee and Sandwedges October 2013

Tee and Sandwedges Publishers Note October 2013

As one gets older the expression “I’ve seen it all” becomes a daily saying. Lynn and I recently visited Zebula Golf Resort & Spa and after a round of golf we joined Golf Director Ian Leach on the club house veranda to enjoy the 19th. As the sun set over the mountains we were greeted by an amazing sight – a group of 30 Wildebeest striding majestically down the 18th fairway en route to their favourite eating area – the surrounds of the putting green where longer grass is available. They were followed by a few busy Warthogs who were soon munching away. What an amazing evening – cold Lite Beer and watching nature enjoying the greenkeepers’ labours. Make sure you get to Zebula. Watch nature at its most picturesque.

Prizes are always a problem at amateur golf events with companies offering winners trips to Europe and other exotic venues around the world. With these prizes and the potential of representing one’s country a new breed of golfer has emerged where manipulating of one’s handicap is par for the course.


Fortunately these players are very much in the minority and golf remains one of the few games where one can rely on the honesty of other players.

The handicapping saga seems to be over with any golfers now being able to play off the “Forward Tees”. The course rating still seems to be a problem and I would really like to hear from golfers on how often their club and forward tees are rated. October sees the start of the Summer Leg of the Sunshine Tour and with as many as seven events on the prestigious European Tour it certainly looks like a bumper year for golf spectators.

See you on the tee
Allan Jones