Keeping up with the Joneses in September 2013

Tee and Sandwedges September 2013

Tee and Sandwedges Publishers Note September 2013

Lynn and I were fortunate to be invited to play in the Dale Hayes Disabled Golf Day at Zwartkops in Pretoria. Our minor hip replacements and stiff backs pale into insignificance when playing with amputees of both arms and in some cases legs and the standard of golf played was quite unbelievable. My worst! Being out driven by a double leg amputee.

Back to the handicapping saga. It would seem that clubs are slowing sorting out the difference between club and forward tees, although some clubs take all the scores on the club rating while others cut the players handicaps by the difference between the club and forward course ratings. One thing I struggle to confirm is who and how often are courses rated. This I believe should be seasonal as courses, especially in Gauteng, are at least two shots harder in summer. As in the rest of the world why don’t all men play off one tee and only where impossible carries for the “oldies” come into play should allowances be made?

Spring is in the air and the ammie golfers are looking forward to short socks and pants and not having to literally break the ice on early morning starts. In the US the long awaited FedEx Series kicks off and “Tiger” certainly seems the man to catch. If the South African players form is anything like the way they played at the PGA Major I certainly don’t hold out much hope of a SA victory. In South Africa we will soon have the Dunhill, SA Open and the new look Nedbank Golf Challenge format to look forward to.

The ladies Tee and Sandwedges tournament at Champagne Sports Resort in November, is as always, at Lynn’s events the “girls” will have a great time both on and off the course.

Exciting news for 2014 over and above our normal Champagne events we will also be doing trips to Mauritius, Wild Coast Sun, Euphoria and Zebula and maybe Malaysia. Look for our 2014 Calendar in the November 2013 issue.

See you on the Tee
Allan Jones