Letters to the Editor…


Hi Allan

The various suggestions of handicapping have been around for years and probably for years to come. There never seems to be a system that can properly control players’ handicaps. There are those players out there that use the present system to control their handicap. Most players I believe are honest but you have that percentage that are hell bent on winning, especially prestigious or large sponsored competitions. These competitions are normally betterball or alliance. There is no way of controlling what happens out there.

Some years ago before computers we did handicapping manually, so I took it upon myself to handicap all members on individual scores at the home club only. Needless to say I got into trouble with CGGU who told me it was illegal what I did and had to change. While this system was in place I had no more complaints from the honest members and gave all a fair chance of winning to the displeasure of certain ( ringers). I would support a system like this and I am sure I’m not alone.

Yours in golfing,
Lionel Scorgie