Letters to the Editor…

Alan Munn


Hi Allan,

First of all thank you for a great magazine, I look forward to seeing it around the club and always read it from cover to cover.

I am sure you will receive many replies about your comments on forward tees, herewith my contribution: Firstly, handicaps are calculated from the differential between the players adjusted gross score and the SR(Stroke Rating) of the tees he played off. If a player regularly plays off forward tees  then  that will be the basis of his handicap. If he plays in a competition where the majority of players are off the club tees then he must adjust his handicap by the difference in the Stoke Rating between the two tees. In the case you used this would call for an adjustment of 3 to the person’s handicap.

In the Handicaps Manual there are several references to the matter:

  • Section 11 Handicap Allowances. Sub Section 11.1.1 says ‘adjustment to be made if SR is less than the SR of the rest of the field’.
  • Section 5.9 Use of forward tees
  • Section 17.2. Use of forward tees of club competitions.

The explantion note here is very relevant “Handicaps are calculated using the differential between gross score and the SR of the tee from which the  player recorded an adjusted gross score, while the competition scores are calculated using the par of the course”

For your purpose in the competitions you organise I would recommend that you either declare ‘forward tees’ out of play and make everyone play off the same tees or, declare the competition to be played off club tees and anyone using forward tees must adjust their handicaps by the differential in SR between the club and forward tees. If you do this up front there will be no argument later.

In reality the gentleman you referred to in your article should have adjusted his handicap by 3, and if not, he has signed an incorrect card and should be disqualified.

Like the many Rules of Golf there are also handicap rules and players must abide by both.

Keep up the great work with the magazine.

Yours in Golf
Alan Munn